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Water dispenser

Based on ultrasonic water nebulization for baking products (e. g. pizza).

Chain conveyor

Bottle separating unit


4-head tomato dosing unit

Second generation dosing heads

The tomato dosing unit produced by SKS with individual head control is patented. It allows the pizza manufacturer to spread non-smooth sauces efficiently and to the gram. The dosing heads are available in servo versions up to 75 cycles/min for up to 6 rows. The new dosing head allows an even larger dosing spectrum today. New standards have already been set in terms of cleaning.

Module belts

SKS module belts are constructed in accordance with strict hygiene standards. They are particularly attractive in their directional stability and ease of cleaning and can be extended endlessly.

Distribution system 4 rows to 2 rows

Bringing four rows into two to the packaging machines is ensured by use of a bridge and modular plastic segment belt.

Stainless steel vegetable mix component

Stainless steel vegetable mix component with weighing unit.

Stainless steel agitator

Stainless steel agitator for sauce dosing unit.

Stainless steel vegetable chopper

Stainless steel vegetable chopper for the customised cutting of deep-frozen ingredients